My Winter Skin Care Regime


Time & again I have laid emphasis on using natural methods of skin care. My skin type is dry in general & during winters it becomes even worse. From cracks to roughness, my skin has been through everything. Now, you must be thinking how ignorant I’m about my skin but trust me I do everything from moisturizing my body to drinking sufficient water to using night cream but all this efforts goes in vain when I don’t see substantial improvements in the quality of my skin.

So this winters I thought, it’s time for a new skin care regime. I started with my research & to my surprise I came across “Roghan Badam Shirin” which consist of almond oil extracted in its purest form from sweet almond kernels. It is a Unani product which not just works externally but is so pure that can be consumed orally in a composition of 5-10 ml with 250 ml of milk. It is manufactured by Hamdard & the best part is that they use just this one type of badam “Maghz Badam Shirin” which imparts consistency to taste, colour and efficacy of Roghan Badam Shirin.

After, knowing all this I became really fascinated with trying it out. So, I bought the 100 ml bottle for Rs 385. The packaging instantly depicts that it’s a natural product because it has a picture of almonds all over it with a “100% Pure” sign. The oil is light, mostly colourless & has a little sweet odour. Almond oil has been used extensively for its health benefits and as a beauty aid much before science caught up with its goodness & no doubt my Mom always advised me to use almond oil to nourish my hair. So, I first started using it on my hair because it had become really dry & looked lifeless after colouring. I applied it overnight before washing my hair so that all the nutrients are soaked in properly & just after 3-4 washes, I noticed that my hair felt nourished, silky & had a nice shine which I was dying for. My happiness had no bounds because I had gone nuts trying to find good hair care products which could give me such results while all this time, this simple remedy was out there.

After such amazing results on my hair, I decided to use Rogan Badam Shirin for my dry skin & chapped lips as well. So, I started applying it all over my body instead of a moisturizer & on my lips instead of lip balm. A week went by & I noticed that my skin didn’t feel rough anymore even in winters. After almost 2 weeks, I saw improvement in my skin quality – it felt smooth, soft & started glowing. The thing I love the most about Roghan Badam Shirin is its light, non-greasy texture which doesn’t feel sticky or heavy on the skin.

Rogan Badam Shirin won my trust with its external results so I decided to consume it orally on regular basis. It’s mild natural laxative effects worked on smooth bowel movement & intestine function. I also felt improvement in my immunity power & body strength. I use to get tired easily but not anymore & my mind became sharper when it came to noticing things or simply remembering them.

After, I started having Rogan Badam Shirin, my facial skin looks clearer & glowing. So happy that I finally found that one go to product for all the skin & hair related problems. It simplifies life for me because I don’t need to use tons of different products for different parts of my body. Oh! & I’m also planning to get a relaxing body massage using Rogan Badam Shirin soon because it’s a perfect stress buster 🙂

Do give it a try, I’m sure it will become a part of your skin care regime too.

Love Dimps

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