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Hey Fam! How have you been? I certainly feel refreshed & rejuvenated because of my recent trip to Sabah. You guys must have already seen a lot of pictures from this trip on my social media pages & here I’m going to tell how it all happened. To be honest the planning for this trip started couple of months back when Travel Earth approached me to be a part of the “Digital Influencers Convention & Earthys Awards” in Sabah, Malaysia. I felt really privileged to be invited for this prestigious event but moreover I was really excited to explore Sabah because I had no clue about this place.

So the day finally arrived & I embarked upon this trip with fellow influencers who were all strangers to me. There are no direct flights from India to Sabah so I flew from from Mumbai to Kuala Lumpur & took a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kota Kinabalu. I flew via Malindo Air & the journey was smooth but you can also choose from other options -Malaysian Airlines or Air Asia. 

As I landed in Sabah, the travel earth team greeted me with a warm welcome at the airport & transferred me to my hotel “The Klagen Hotel” situated at Warisan Square which was right opposite the promenade. I loved the location of the hotel as it was one of the busiest areas of Sabah with party clubs, flea markets & shopping malls. 

Sepanggar Island –

Started my 1stday in Sabah by visiting Sepanggar island. It is a beautiful secluded island with white sand & turquoise water. I found my perfect spot at this hammock where I could just sit & unravel. Experiencing the colourful coral reef throught their super fun water activities like scuba diving & snorkeling was a thrilling experience. Sabah is a home of many such beautiful islands & if you are looking for a beach destination Sabah is definitely a great spot. 

City Tour –

During our city tour we visited mainly two structures –

  • Sabah State Administrative Building – It is the tallest building in Kota Kinabalu. This 33 storey office tower is the house of the state’s chief miniter’s office & other state government cabinet members. It is truly an architectural marvel.
  • Masjid Bandaraya Kota Kinabalu –  Famously known as the “floating mosque” is an absolutely picturesque structure & a must visit during your trip to Sabah, Malaysia. Situated on the shores of Likas Bay, the golden hour light from the setting sun right opposite this gorgeous mosque, made this very moment magical.
  • Dinner – We visited a local restaurant for dinner & being a vegetarian, I didn’t really have many options but I did try the local dish “Nasi Goreng” which means fried rice & it was yumm. Post this me & my friends explored the area around our hotel & we ended up at this club called Bed which was super fun & lively. 

Mari Mari Cultural Village –

Situated right in the middle of the rainforest, away from all the  hustle “Mari Mari” cultural village ia an awe-inspiring place to learn about the rich culture & traditions of the 5 ancient tribes of Sabah. To clarify it was not an actual village but just a representation. Being a nature lover, this place definitely has a special place in my heart & I had a great time trying out their food & drinks especially the rice wine along with learning about the minimal way of living of these tribes. It’s quite a long walk inside the village so be sure to wear comfortable footwear.

Proboscis monkeys & Fire flies show –

One of the most popular attractions of Sabah are the proboscis monkeys also known as the ‘long nosed monkeys” & that’s why even though it was about a 2 & a half hour long drive from my hotel, I decided to go for this experience. After the drive, we reached a spot from where we took a river cruise & sailed around the swampy mangrove forests of Borneo. In the same region after the sunsets, you can literally see hundreds of fire flies glowing against the picth dark night sky like small bulbs.Omg! that seriously gave me goosebumps & it was totally worth the long drive.

Digital Influencers Convention & Earthys Awards –

For the next two days of my trip, I was at the convention which was held at Shangrila-Rasa-Ria. It was again situated very far my hotel but the property was beautiful & massive with its own private beach. I got a chance to meet many amazing fellow content creators & learn a lot from the speakers at the convention. In-between this entire trip, I also made some really close friends who made this trip even more memorable. 

The most breathtaking view in Sabah were the sunsets. That was the best part of the day & no doubt it is one of the top locations in the world to witness a beautiful sunset. I feel there is still a lot to explore in Sabah & wish I had more time. In the end, I want to thank Travel Earth for organizing this massive event & introducing the beautiful state of Sabah to me & my followers.



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