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How is my WS family doing? I am super happy to say goodbye to the scorching heat of summer and welcome the rains with open arms. My star sign is Cancerian so being a
 diehard romantic and loving the rains is a part of my personality. Thank you for loving the summer lookbook and it’s only your 
love which motivates me to experiment with different styles and review products which definitely makes our life much easier.

In this blog post, I am going to do quite the same.
 I am reviewing a Syska bikini trimmer in this post but before I share my review, let’s first discuss the issue of hair removal which we girls face every 15 to 20 days. Since years we have been using the traditional technique of hair removal i.e waxing which is not only painful but comes with the following disadvantages –

  • Waxing is time-consuming and expensive
  • Waxing is way too much of a hassle and causes a mess.
  • It can cause red rashes to people with sensitive skin like
  • Waxing is effective only when it is performed on hair that has grown above one centimeter
  • The greatest disadvantage of waxing is the risk of ingrown hair

Despite of all these reasons we choose it anyways, but I hope that this product negates that choice. Here is an alternative hair removal method which is pain-free, economical & time-saving.


Syska which is a pioneer in the field of LED lights also offers a range of lifestyle and household products. I have been using Syska bikini trimmer for quite a while now and have got so used to it that I have never gone back to waxing.




Syska offers a variety of trimmers based on the part of body you are going to use it for such as the one with precision blades, ideal to trim nose hair or shape eyebrows. I personally love using Syska FT3108 Female Bikini Trimmer because it is:

  • Safe to use – I have very sensitive skin and that is why I think twice before using any product on it. Syska trimmers don’t cause any kind of damage to skin because it has micro cutting blade which doesn’t cause any cuts and ensures a safe trim.
  • Pain free and saves on time – I don’t even realize that I am using the trimmer on my skin, it is that painless and doesn’t require me to set aside a couple of hours
  • Economical – Syska offers a variety of trimmers in the price range of 500 – 2500 Rupees.
  • Portable – It is compact in size and works on batteries, so it becomes very easy to carry around for trips
  • Design – Super pretty and sleek design makes it look appealing
  • Easy to clean – It has detachable head which makes it really easy to clean after use. I know old habits die-hard but it’s finally time to say goodbye to the old hair removal methods and embrace the change. I hope this blog post brings a change in the mindset and clarifies all the myths about using trimmers for hair removal. If you have any more doubts, feel free to send them my way, I would love to answer them.



You can buy this product on Amazon. Also checkout the entire range of Syska Personal Care Products

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Love, Dimps

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