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You guys know by now how much I love experimenting with my outfits. It basically helps me keep my style versatile without getting monotonous. So a couple of days back, I thought of experimenting with a new look which is completely different then my regular style & is also something which is inspired by our Indian tradition. The idea of creating this look which is classy, elegant but bold & fierce, really got me excited.

Saree have a history of hundreds of years behind it & here in India, it is not just considered to be an outfit but an integral part of our culture as well. When I saw the kind of versatility it offers in terms of fabrics, designs, work & pattern – I was wooed by it & decided to use it for this new look that I was working on. So the search of that saree which resonates with my personality began & during this research , I came across the vast collection of contemporary sarees on Craftsvilla.

Craftsvilla is an Indian e-commerce portal that sells ethnic apparel, footwear, fashion accessories, beauty products, handcrafted home accessories and other ethnic fashion and lifestyle products. is an online marketplace which uses a model focused on removing middlemen by connecting local artisans and designers directly to global customers. Increasing the livelihood of local artisans and designers, helps them create their brand, and preserve the Indian culture, traditions and values.


For this look, the idea was to choose a versatile & contemporary saree because that is what my personal style statement is. I am a huge fan of street style fashion as there are no set of rules to it & you can go all out with your imagination. After a bit of research, my heart was set on this blue color brasso embellished designer saree from Craftsvilla. The reasons why I selected this saree are mainly –

  • Print – Firstly I absolutely love the geometric print of this saree because it just adds an interesting element & structure to my overall personality. The bold print of this saree attracts attention & you guys know how I love to stand out …lol


  • Colors – Given my dusky skin tone, I’m a bit cautious when it comes to picking the right colors for myself because they play a crucial role in deciding whether I will look fresh or dull. Colors which are too bright & in the eye are a complete no-no for me because they tend to overshadow my skin tone & even make me look darker at times. The combination of cool & earthy tones like blue & green in this saree compliment my skin tone well & highlight my features.

  • Fabric – For me fashion & comfort go hand in hand. This is one of the reason I picked this saree with brasso fabric. Brasso is unique in every sense of the word. It has been around for years & stands for royalty and glamour. The gorgeous & rich fabric of the saree allows me to wear it for festivals & parties. The wispy, delicate, soft tissue like fabric feels super soft on the skin & makes it comfortable to wear for long hours.

I styled my saree with a green top & jeggings to create a contemporary street style look & added golden jewellery to complete the look. The best part about a saree is the freedom it offers when it comes to draping. My saree depicts My story of being versatile, having modern yet old schooled values, being out right honest & most importantly spreading vibrance & happiness all around me. Sarees have no limitations & look absolutely stunning on anyone irrespective of their body shape, size, height or even skin colour for that matter, all you need to do is find that piece which truly connects with you. If you have a dusky skin tone like mine, this saree is right for you as the perfect combination of colors, print & fabric of this saree will make you look fabulous. I think it’s important to stop chasing the western fashion & cherish our own rich culture in a fresh new way. So, lets bring our tradition back to fashion but on our own terms with Craftsvilla. Hope you guys enjoyed reading #MySareeMyStory

Yours truly,


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