How I Protect My Hair From Damage ft. BBLUNT Repair Remedy


Hair care has always been something that once you understand, you tend to stick with it & in this commitment phobic world, it’s difficult to find something to stick with. In between all this I was introduced to BBLUNT’s new Repair Remedy range, which changed the definition of hair care for me forever.

Living in a fast paced city like Mumbai, along with its opportunities, comes a highly stressful lifestyle which has taken a toll on my hair’s health. Exposure to increasing levels of pollution each day, combined with regular heat styling & chemical treatment has caused not just split ends, but extremely damaged hair, making it more susceptible to hair fall and breakage. All of this has caused my hair to look dull, frizzy and difficult to manage.



Reviving my hair was a task I took upon myself before it was too late to reverse the damage. Finally, I decided to take charge and BBLUNT’s Repair Remedy range came to my rescue. The new 3-product range by BBLUNT consists of a Shampoo, a Conditioner and a Leave-In cream for damaged hair. Bonus, the red packaging is super cute! These products are rich in Keratin, for damage repair, and Argan Oil, for shiny, smooth and soft feel. The hair cuticle absorbs the keratin, resulting in hair that looks full and glossy. Moreover, Keratin claims to make hair less frizzy, easier to style, and smoother in appearance. This range is created especially for Indian hair.



The most magical product of the BBLUNT Repair Remedy range is the Leave-In Cream, which to be honest I was a bit skeptical to use as I didn’t want my hair to look flat & oily, but its amazing blend makes my hair supple & smooth without sacrificing the natural bounce & movement. It definitely is the ideal fix for a “hair hangover”



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So happy with how my hair looks healthier & feels smoother after using these products for just about a month. Glad to have discovered this new range right before winter & totally recommend it to you guys as I’m sure you will love it.


You can buy these products from here –

BBLUNT Repair Remedy Shampoo

BBLUNT Repair Remedy Conditioner

BBLUNT Leave-In Cream




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