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Hello Guys!

Hope you had a crazy, fun & importantly safe Holi. I didn’t play Holi because I was a bit exhausted from my trip to Dubai and just wanted to stay at home & relax. I spent my day doing a combination of stuff such as watching a movie, sleeping, working on the blog and lastly bleaching my skin.

I believe one needs to be cautious before using bleach as it can cause severe damage to your skin if not handled with care, first perform a patch test on a small part of skin before applying the bleach solution to your entire face. Use a cotton pad to apply a dab of the bleach on the skin below the jaw line. Wait for 24 hours to see if any redness, dryness or irritation occurs before proceeding.

I am sure by now you’ll know that my skin is very sensitive and I prefer using herbal beauty products, that is why I have been using the Herb Bleach Cream from Olivia since quite a long time now. The best part about it is that it contains natural ingredients such as haldi, chandan, aloe vera and nimbu which makes my skin fairer.

I don’t have much facial hair, so I bleach my face & neck once in a month. Herb Bleach Cream has a pungent odour but then again all bleach have that so there is not much we can do about it. It provides complete coverage and fades unwanted hair on face, arms and body, to match the skin tone. I love how this bleach provides instant glow to my skin and reduces tanning & pigmentation. It is easy to apply, you can go through the instruction section below and it is available in one more variant for Women – Olivia Fairness Bleach and for Men – Olivia Hiz Aloe Bleach 


Packaging : I honestly loved the packaging as the bright green colour is very eye catchy and they have provided all the necessary information on the box.

Contents of the box:

Each 270g box contains

  • 2 big jars of cream
  • 2 small bottles of Activator
  • 1 tray for mixing cream & activator
  • 1 spatula for mixing
  • Instruction guide.

Price: Rs.270 for 270g

Instructions to use:

  • Wash the face and pat it dry.
  • Take a spoon full of spoon labelled “Cream” in the tray


  • Take a spoon full of spoon labelled “Activator” in the tray



  • Mix the cream & activator well with the help of spatula.
  • Apply the mixture all over the face and neck but do not apply it near sensitive areas such as eyes and nose.
  • Leave it on for approximately 10 to 15 mins depending upon your comfort level.



  • After using skin bleach, apply sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 before going out in the sun.
  • Avoid using soap; instead use a good quality mild face wash that suits your skin type.


Olivia offers a wide range of skin care, hair care & beauty products. You can read more about it on http://www.oliviacosmetics.net/product.html

You can buy the Olivia Herb Bleach Cream online from the following websites –






Stay beautiful,

XOXO Dimpi






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