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Hello Lovelies! It feels like forever since I wrote my last blog but in my defence I had been busy working on some really cool and refreshing projects which I am too excited to share with you’ll. One such opportunity was when I came across this brand called “Karpasa” which is sanskrit for “Cotton Clothing” and they make sure that it truly reflects in their collection as well.




Their designs stand for simplicity yet richness and style evoking sensuality with a modern and ethnic refined style.

The idea behind this brand is to create awareness about cotton and its various benefits such as it’s the most soft, breathable and a non- allergic fiber that doesn’t irritate a sensitive skin unlike other synthetic fabrics. Today various fabrics have replaced cotton but the comfort and feel of cotton cannot be replaced and me being so specific about the comfortness of the fabric, this brand is surely my go to brand for all the Fusion of Indian-Western clothing needs.




The most important features of “Karpasa Cotton Clothing” is that they design clothes of all sizes and offer customization on the diverse range of their products.

So whether you are a boho chic or a classic addict or a casual lover- they have a style to suit your statement on every occasion.


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