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Wardrobe Secrets & Shoppers stop  have come together to bring this fun infographic to you – which will surely make you go OMG! One tip – Scroll till the end ?

Indian fashion industry has been blooming from past decades and stands tall globally with a righteous fame. The trends and designs we set are now leading the market, the Indian designers have risen to fame globally. Shoppers Stop has worked over one key point before going ahead with this infographic, covering the essential elements of the fashion industry and creating an informational presentation of facts and figures. This infographic brings an insight into the fashion industry, some facts and figures that are sure to boggle your mind and are an evident Oh, my God.


The numbers and the figures involved in the export and import business are something to watch out and will clearly take you to the edge. The footwear and the clothing industry is making a strong foothold in the market. The accessory and the jewellery market too constitutes a big share towards the business.


And we can bet you had no clue about these leading retail outlets belonged to these giants. Pantaloons is an Aditya Birla venture and Raymond has been a global textile provider and these giants are not just for the name but hold a huge monetary stake in the business.



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