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Hola Guys!

How is the month of March treating you, for me this month is full of travelling. I am sure you must have got all the insights on my trip to Dubai. Oh what a crazy trip it was ! ..And here I am back in Mumbai again.

Since I was missing Dubai so much, I decided to make the weekend interesting and fun by partying at a new club which got me in the middle of this big dilemma of finding a new place. That is when one of my friend suggested I should try out this new app called Bubblo as it helps find a place as per location, category & price preferences. So I decided to try out the app myself and see what the fuss is about.


To my surprise, unlike most discovery apps, Bubblo shows info on venues that is real-time including how busy a place is, the deals offered and the interface is very visual. From this info users can truly see and hear how a place is to help them decide where to go. Bubblo provided all the information I need to know about a venue even before stepping foot inside…


Now, no need to read only reviews written by random people to make up your mind about a place! With Bubblo you have access to all the information you need to make a decision on where to go out in one place. Download Bubblo to discover your new favorite place to eat, drink, or party without dealing with false advertising and too many options. Bubblo finds you the top 5 nearby places based on your preferences

I being a foodie simply love trying different cuisines and Bubblo has become my personal recommendation guru!

You can download the app from
Until Next time,
XOXO Dimpi

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