Diwali Ready with VLCC Ayurveda – Haldi & Tusli Facial kit


Diwali is just around the corner & I am already in the festive mood. Infact, I have already picked my outfit & accessories but my only concern is the dull & dry facial skin. Being a blogger, I constantly have to shoot outdoors in the harsh sunlight which tends to take away the charm from my face. No matter how hard I try to take some time out from my busy schedule & visit a salon, it just doesn’t work out.

Being a lover of ayurvedic products, I decided to try this ayurvedic facial kit by VLCC. It consist of all natural ingredients such as haldi, tulsi, jojoba ester beads, aloe vera, rose water, olive oil etc which have innumerable benefits for the skin & body. I have a very sensitive skin & that is I don’t prefer using chemical products because they are very harsh & tend to have side effects. VLCC Ayurveda – haldi & tusli facial kit consist of small tubes – one for each step. Its a simple 5 step process which you can easily manage by yourself at the comfort of your home while multi-tasking.



Step 1 – Face Wash: To make the skin ready for facial by deeply cleaning the pores.

Step 2 – Scrub: Remove the dead skin cells using jojoba ester beads

Step 3 – Gel: Gently massage the gel all over the face in light circular motion until it gets absorbed.

Step 4 – Cream: Apply the face cream & massage it gently for 5-10 minutes in circular upward strokes & wipe off the excess with moist cotton.

Step 5 – Pack: Apply generous layer of face cream & rinse it after 15 minutes

And voila! you have radiant skin in absolutely no time, now wasn’t that really easy!! Its very economical as well– a 50g pack is priced at Rs 200. Now, one more reason why I love using VLCC Ayurveda is because ayurvedic products have long lasting benefits & they don’t just work on the exterior but also the interior of the body plus have no side effects in the long run.

So, this Diwali if you want to shine naturally than I recommend you to try the VLCC Ayurveda – Haldi & Tulsi facial kit



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