Bold beginning to 2018 with Vivo V7


Happy New Year to all my beloved readers. Wish you a year full of success & good health. This being my first post of 2018 is very special to me & hence I chose to answer the much awaited question of “How to click a perfect selfie?”

Being a Fashion & Lifestyle blogger, I always feel the urge to stay fashion forward & by that I just don’t mean clothes but any & everything that I use in my daily life. I believe the things we own, depict our personality & hence I am very careful while buying any product especially the one which is a constant part of my appearance…Yes! I’m talking about my smartphone.

When it comes to buying a smartphone, I have specific criteria which I look at –

  1. Appearance
  2. Rear camera
  3. Front selfie camera
  4. Screen Size
  5. Ease of use
  6. Price


Now, I know you must be thinking that’s quite a long list but that’s how demanding I’ Considering these aspects, I believe there is just one smartphone brand which checks all these points and that’s Vivo – the premium global smartphone brand. I’m sure all of you must be aware of Vivo but what I want to highlight here is their recently launched energetic blue variant of V7. The vibrant energetic blue colour, sleek body & the full view display screen of Vivo V7 instantly had my heart. It’s attractive colour & design makes Vivo V7 apt for the young & vivacious generation. Also, the reason why I am such a huge fan of this phone is its revolutionary 24MP front camera with a soft moonlight glow selfie light which clicks brighter & clearer selfies each time. As you guys know, I love taking selfies & post ton of them on my social media handle, having a good front camera is one of my most important requirement. It’s also kind of part of my job as a blogger to post high quality images & its 16MP rear camera with flash makes my job really easy.

So far we have ticked off Appearance, Front & Rear Camera off my list, now lets talk about the ease of use. Vivo V7 is very user-friendly & its Face access feature makes it really safe, easy & time-saving to unlock the phone without the need to type in a password or draw a pattern.

I’m sure you guys must be wondering how expensive this phone must be but don’t you worry because I believe Vivo has economized the smartphone market & its amazing how they offer such good quality products at an affordable price. I totally accept that my demands are sky-high but there is nothing wrong with that. Thankfully Vivo doesn’t burn a hole in my pocket & fits right in my budget. So, if you are looking for an economically viable smartphone without compromising on the quality, Vivo is the perfect brand for you.

Good luck turning heads in 2018 with Vivo V7 in energetic blue.




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