Are you a Bewakoof?


I know you guys must be offended by this question but here the term bewakoof has a whole new definition. In contrary to what we have been perceiving a bewakoof as, here it stands for someone who follows his heart regardless of society’s resistance and rules.

I believe our style statement is a mirror of our own personality. It reflects what’s within us, without having to utter a single word. I believe in wearing clothes which are not just comfortable to carry but are stylish too and adhere to my quality standards. Bewakoof is an apparel brand which provides a unique clothing line in vibrant colours, clean neutrals and prints & patterns. I think it is their originality and creativity which really appeals to the NexGen.

In this post I am wearing few of my favourite pieces from Bewakoof –

Tank top – I love wearing this tank top for my workout sessions as it is very comfortable and the colour is so vibrant and for an obvious reason “I am ALWAYS RIGHT” 😉

Tank top – Bewakoof, Jeggings – Forever 21





Joggers – Cant even begin to explain how cool these slim fit joggers are. Finding a pair of joggers that fit me well has always been a difficult task as I don’t like them too loose nor too tight, these joggers fit me perfectly well and also the quality of the fabric is sturdy.

Joggers – Bewakoof, Crop top & throwover – Forever 21


For Men they have a Collection Of “Men’s T-Shirt”, “Pajamas for Men”, “Denim Jeans”, “Sweatpants” & “Sweatshirt”.

Until Next Time Stay Bewakoof,

XOXO Ðimpi

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