Dear learners, lovers, stargazers, humans and everybody else,
Hi, I’m a happy soul living in the beautiful city of dreams, Mumbai. I am a Management graduate and before becoming a full-time blogger, I used to work in a multinational company but to certain extent there was a void of doing something I love that was yet to be filled in. I wanted work to be synonymous with play; hence I made my work my play – My undying love for fashion and everything pretty had to be fulfilled; “Wardrobe secrets” was born in August, 2016.
“Wardrobe Secrets” is a lifestyle blog, portraying a collective composition of my take on today’s fashion trend, style and beauty. Unusual and unconventional are the basic guidelines to my curated journey of Wardrobe Secrets. An amalgamation of an urban approach with an extra large scoop of my personal style quotient was the idea behind this blog and since then all I have received is love. Love and nothing but constant love from everyone around me. As a blogger it is my duty to constantly innovate, transform, renew and present practical, wearable and comfortable clothing alternatives to my imperative readers, without whom what I am doing would not make sense. In my opinion, it may not be important to be fashionable but it is important to wear your personality and own it confidently; that is the kind of inspiration I wish to be. Come witness and support me through this journey.
“Make your passion your paycheck, invest in yourself.”
Yours infinitely,
Dimpi Sanghvi   
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